Monday, February 11, 2013

What do Lunches, Snark, and Sharks Have in Common?

Happy Monday!
The start of a new week always offers a fresh start. Today I wanted to discuss three websites of which I think every writer should be aware. They each offer a different service, but are equal in their awesomeness.

1) Publisher's Lunch

I receive this newsletter just about every day during the week. You can get the "snack" version for free, or pay for the full lunch. It's basically a newsletter that lists how many publishing deals have been made, any big moves (agents joining new agencies) or news in the publishing world, and any open jobs in said publishing world. If you opt to buy the deluxe lunch version, you get the details of every publishing deal made on the previous business day. 

2) Miss Snark's First Victim

The Authoress is the host of this site and she is amazing! She dedicates to much of her time to helping other writers find agents. She hosts several Secret Agent Contests each year, where entry is completely free, and a secret literary agent reviews all entries, giving his/her feedback on each one. Also helpful, are comments by her followers on each entry. Not only does she hold these incredible contests, she interviews agents, offers news from the publishing world, and gives a little info about her struggle on getting published and tid bits about her daily rituals.

3) The Query Shark

I know I've mentioned The Shark on my blog before, and I've had the pleasure to actually meet her face to face last year (Yay!). If you've never visited her site, go now. Like, right this minute and just return back here later. You must read through all the queries she has posted and study them carefully. This is a must if you're getting ready to send those query letters out anytime soon. Before you send anything, spend hours at this site!

That's it for today, kids. Check out those websites, even if you're not a writer, the first two may grab your interest as one who loves reading, books, and words. If you like to review people's works and comment, Miss Snark's First Victim site is perfect for you! 

As always, Happy Reading and Writing!

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  1. Awesome tips! I've never heard of Publisher's Lunch. I'll have to go check it out!


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