Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where Were You Fifteen Years Ago?

It was a time before you heard of the magics and wonders of another world.

Before you knew the story of a hero, friend, and warrior...

And (gasp!), you probably didn't even know what quidditch could possibly mean!

Yes, fifteen years ago you hadn't yet met the scarred hero or his team of misfits. Terms such as Dumbledore's Army, butterbeer, squibs, muggles, Azkaban, and mudbloods would've sounded alien. 

But not today.

Fellow Literati, Harry Potter celebrates 15 years of publication this year. Isn't it amazing how quickly time flies by? Where's a time-turner when you need one?!?

There is too much to write just one article on the awesomeness of Harry Potter, so I'll stick to just a few things.

First, Harry's getting a new cover! (What!?) Yes, Bloomsbury is celebrating by giving the book a new look! Click here to check out the Sorcerer's Stone's new cover and to read more about the change. I think that the art is much better than the original, which I didn't much care for (though I will admit it has certainly become quite iconic!).

Second, and this is for all those aspiring authors out there, remind yourself of these numbers when you're feeling uninspired, when you receive a rejection, when a beta reader scoffs at your prose, or whenever you're just feeling downright miserable because you've made the insane "choice" to be a writer - 7, 8, 15: Seven books, eight movies, fifteen billion dollars (the amount of which the Harry Potter brand is worth, and yes that was a B, as in BILLION). Oh wait...not those numbers, THESE numbers: 12, 500, 450: Twelve rejections, 500 initial printed books, and 450 MILLION copies actually sold. 

So don't give up on your writing, 12 people rejected Harry's story, and many more may reject your protagonist's story. But you know it's an important story to tell, and you know people will enjoy it, keep the good fight!

Congratulations to J.K. Rowling, an amazing author, creator, and artist who changed many writers' lives on that fateful train ride on which Harry was conceived. I cannot wait to read the series to my kids and there is no doubt in my mind that the Harry Potter books will remain a favorite among humanity for a very, very, very long time!

What are your thoughts on the new art work? Let us know in the Comments! :)

Happy Reading and Writing! 

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