Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Conference and Fairy Tales

In exactly one week I’ll be heading to New York to the Backspace Writer’s Conference and I cannot wait!  I look forward to meeting other writers, editors, agents, and passing on what I learn to my fellow writers (and Literati)!  If you’d like to see details about the conference, click here.
Speaking of dreams coming true, I’d like to take a minute to talk about fairy tales for an upcoming series.  I’m not talking Disney-made-for-movies fairy tales; I’m talking the REAL stories.  The true story of the Little Mermaid; and spoiler alert, she does not end up marrying the prince.  And not to further break hearts out there, Rapunzel wasn’t born a princess, nor was she all that innocent. 
The original versions of fairy tales are said to be based on actual events of the time, like the story of the Pied Piper; others have underlying lessons of morality, such as The Little Mermaid. 
So what is this upcoming fairy tale series all about?  I’ll give you a hint; we’ll discuss a real fairy tale and its true origins, and trust me, the story of the Pied Piper is quite terrifying.   If you don’t have a Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen book laying around, check out these online compilations of the Brothers and Andersen.
Please leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite fairy tale is – whether it’s the revised movie version or the real one, and I’ll do my best to dedicate a post to the genuine story.
If you are interested in attending a conference or writing workshop, click here for a list of upcoming events. 
While working on a document for work today, I was in need of a quick grammar reference to double check a sentence.  I found myself reaching for my most trustworthy reference book - The Writer’s Digest’s Grammar Desk Reference by Gary Lutz and Diane Stevenson.  Everyone should have a copy on their shelves!  (I know it’s kind of random, but if you’re looking for a good reference book, check it out!)
Happy reading and writing!    


  1. I think I'll go see about actually buying a book (perhaps a really nice one like SOMEONE I know) and making this my summer reading. My favorite fairy tale of the Disney variety (because I have girls and have seen all the Disney tales at least a million times) is Beauty and the Beast. I really dig Belle. Can't wait for the series!

  2. "Look at this stuff isn't neat. Wouldn't you think my collection is complete. Wouldn't you think i'm the girl. The girl who has everything. i got who's it's and what's it's galore. You want thingagabobs? i got twenty. But who cares....." That was all by memory :) Would be great to read the real "Little Mermaid".

  3. "...No big deal; I want morrrrrrrre." ;)
    The Real Little Mermaid will definitely be included! Stay tuned!


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