Friday, May 11, 2012

The Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are great fun.  As a kid I would pick a random letter of the alphabet, think of a word that began with the selected letter, and write a one page essay on the subject.  This is what I considered fun in my early middle school days, before that, it was challenging my sister to pick a word and time me on how long it took me to locate said word in the dictionary.  I dubbed it The Dictionary Game, and yes, I still struggle with naming my brilliant works/game ideas.
Writing prompts aren’t just fun for writers, I know artists who use them for inspiration; even those seedy corporate suits use them for effective brain exercises or a break from the monotonous days of the office world. 
I found this simple writing prompt online.  Use this little exercise as a transition from your hectic week into your weekend!  I’ve done the prompt myself just for some great fun!
Prompt: Make a list of 10 things that happened to you this month (luckily I keep a journal!).  They can be funny, embarrassing, happy, etc.  Pick one from your list and write about it.
1.       Finally started a blog!
2.       Baked some chocolate chip cookies with the babies.
3.       Created a new tostada of refried beans, sour cream, shredded beef, an egg over easy, and topped with cheese and salsa.
4.       Kissed boogers (received a nice big kiss from my four year old, with a really, really, really awful runny nose).
5.       Missed another Glimmer Train contest deadline.
6.       Drove by my dream house (it’s even DREAMIER in person!).
7.       Got squirted on (this is what my two year old calls it when she pees all over the toilet).
8.       Sent the first 10 pages of my novel to THE Query Shark in preparation for our one-on-one meeting this month in New York!
9.       Was called a witch several times (by my two year old “princess”...)
10.   Got scared while watching Ghost Hunters International when my husband started scratching at the front door (at the SAME moment the paranormal investigators asked the evil spirit dwellers for a sign to validate their existence - Creepy!).
I decided to write on number 9 in my list, if only to clarify that I don’t have a bratty daughter; nor am I a horrible mother deserving of the “witch” title (I hope).  Last week my daughter wanted to play a game: The area behind the recliner would be her castle, her brother would be the genie that gave her said castle, she would (of course) be the princess, and I would play the role of...the witch.   Fine, I played along and answered her questions appropriately (“Would you like some tea, Witch?” “Yes, thank you, Princess!”).  But it was after we had stopped playing make- believe, I had served her dinner, and she says to me, “Thank you, Witch.”  What the what???  We hadn’t been playing for hours by this point, so I asked her not to call me a witch. 
She complied.  That is, until Monday, when I gave her some water and she said, “Thank you, Witch.”  “Don’t call me a witch,” I replied.  Smiling her unbelievably sweet smile, she said, “Okay Mommy...Witch.”

And there you have it!  The real prompt advised to make a list of 40 things (really??), but I thought 10 would be more blog-friendly.  I’d love to see what you would put on your list!  Leave your list in the Comments!

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