Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mighty Muse

“Remind yourself of your moments of triumph, especially when you’re feeling stuck.” (The Pocket Muse, Wood.)
You may or may not be a writer; you may or may not be an artist; either way you are someone who gets out of bed every morning and commits to a series of actions moving (hopefully) towards some sort of recognizable (or perhaps, unspecified) goal.  Some of you have jobs, kids, spouses – people and responsibilities to drive and motivate you throughout your day.  But do you ever feel stuck?
Most writers will experience writer’s block on a weekly basis; but throughout a regular day writers and non-writers alike may come into contact with obstacles that just make “it” hard.  So what to do?  As a writer, one of my favorite muses is the writing prompt and I haven’t come across a collection of prompts I enjoy more than Monica Wood’s, The Pocket Muse.  Here's a photo of my copy, and yes, I have worn it out!

But artists aren’t the only people who require (with probable agonizing desperation) inspiration.
My kids and husband are my greatest motivators; they get me through the rough work weeks, the writer’s blocks, and everything in between.  I also have this little muse in my head that pushes me to write (it’s a really little voice, easily quieted...especially with episodes of The Vampire Diaries).  And let us not forget baking milk chocolate chip cookies.
What is it that helps you get through a day littered with obstacles?  What gets you through those rough moments?  Who or what is your muse?    


  1. Hmmm...wonder where this idea came from... I definitely have goals..lots of them. 10 or so this year alone. Some are big, some are small and some are rather vague. I try my best to accomplish what I can. Kids are great muses, merely for entertainment purposes. Husband are too but of the more disgusting variety. For's probably current events...the news...cnn, name it. I read them all and have to opine about everything I read. It's annoying to most people. LOL.

    1. Your writer's block must have rubbed off on me! :)

    2. My inspiration has always been daily life, the stories you hear while you are running errands, the things you see while you are out and about. Driving usually gets some ideas going becuase I start asking myself questions about other drivers, driving just allows my mind to wander. Most recently, because I went through health issues, a lot of things inspire me. Trying not to take anything for granted, and when I feel myself getting mad over something stupid, I remind myself, I can move, I can walk, I can draw, and I can write. I'm lucky. Ha, that sentence reminded me of that book The Help "You is smart, you is beautiful, you is special..." or whatever order that was in.

    3. I'm not sure what to say about your mind wandering as you're driving...
      But that reference to The Help is awesome sauce! (As your beau would say!)


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